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Muse 001

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Every once in a while I get in a mood and I need to write. It may not make sense, but it helps. It gets things onto paper and out of my chaotic mind. I am always thinking, always observing. Once in a while a creative spark ignites (or so I think) and I need to get to a pen and paper or computer. So here is my latest mess, a jumble of sentences! Enjoy.


Your laughter fills the room, your smile is contagious. How can one little person teach one so much? Your innocence is refreshing and your curiosity ever growing.

Tiny little curls dance about your head as you take your first careful steps. One foot in front of the other, a ballet of balance. Concentration is your downfall as you tumble towards the floor. This time you don’t catch yourself and the look of shock spreads about your face. Tears are inevitable. When they erupt I can’t help but scoop you up and snuggle you in.

You bring such warmth into this mama’s once cool heart. Such light and strength I never knew I had. You are my light, my world. You are my greatest adventure.



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