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To the Man at Walmart….

To the man at walmart

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To the man at Walmart who turned and screamed at his two daughters (who were upset about something..), “THIS IS WHY BOYS ARE EASIER THAN GIRLS.” and proceeded to turn to me and say, “You just wait..” you have pissed me off. I now need to get on my soapbox and spew all my thoughts on this matter.

Let me first say, I am not one to judge others parenting, unless it affects me or you’re being a total ass hole. Point taken above. I wouldn’t have gotten so upset if he didn’t continue to say it rather loudly as he walked or say something to me. I am sure my jaw was on the floor.

First off, unknown man, how are boys easier than girls? Let me first start off with, since when does gender dictate how a child will act or their personality? I don’t think gender has anything to do with it. Your little boy sitting in the shopping cart had to be only 1. How do you really know if boys are easier?

I’d like to point out children are not all unicorns and rainbows. All children have their ups and downs regardless of their gender! Raising kids is not an easy task. Your little boy that you assume will be a cake walk, may in fact give you some rough times ahead. As any child would regardless of gender. They are a handful!

Gender has nothing to do with it, but the child themselves. What is making them act this way? I feel awful for these two little girls (who were crying by the way), because clearly the father favored the little boy smiling happily in the cart (who mind you was a cutie, who can’t resist chubby cheeks)? I didn’t find the girls unruly by any means. Heck, I was there in the aisle for most of it and I didn’t even notice any bad behavior. And believe me I zero in on it for some strange reason or another.

But then I got to thinking as this man walked into another isle, is that he isn’t alone in his statement. There are many out there who think boys are easier. Then I remembered a few things people said to me during my pregnancy. “I hope it is a boy, they are easier to have first.” Or  “Oh a girl! Well not everyone can have a girl the first time, they’re harder..” or the “Girls are harder than boys!” Is there a study out there, a solid study that defines this?! Please if I am in the wrong out me. Holy hell people you have nerve to walk up to me and say that. I don’t care what the gender is as long as this baby is healthy. That is all I ask for.

Everyone needs to stop, just stop! Girl, boy, whatever, the child will be unruly some days no matter what. As I stated above children are a handful and each one will give you a run for your money.

So man at Walmart, please stop being an ass hole to your daughters. They will remember this.

That is all, I am getting off my soapbox and saving it for another day!

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