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Breastfeeding isn’t easy, not everyone can hook baby right on with no difficulties. Everyone’s breastfeeding journey is different. Some people have supply issues and some babies just won’t latch. Seeing a lactation specialist can help with these issues. Sometimes breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, don’t beat yourself up. If your baby got ANY breast milk that is great, but it isn’t going to make or break your baby. Anyway – let’s get down to some basics, and I mean the basics. Below you can find common questions asked by moms. Like I mentioned before, everyone’s breastfeeding experience is different.

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Frequently Asked Breastfeeding Questions



Will it hurt?

Hey, I am not going to lie it might be a tad tender, but it should not be so painful that you are in tears. The first few times or even weeks your nipples may be tender, but it is not normal for them to bleed or crack. This could indicate some latch issues. We will dive into that a little later. It may feel uncomfortable at first, the little tugs, but it should not curl your toes!

How do I know if my baby is hungry?

Let me first start off with saying that crying is a late sign of hunger. There are some subtle clues that your little one may be hungry, before the crying sets in. It is hard to latch a hangry baby. First signs may be that the baby starts to suck in their hand, lip, finger, or tongue. Another sign may be that they woke from sleep and start to look around for you.

My baby just won’t wake up!

It is important to make sure to feed your little one every 2-3 hours until your milk supply comes in and your baby gains their birth weight back. Sometimes the baby does not want to wake up, but they must. Changing their diaper or getting them skin to skin are some ways to get them up and moving around. Not working? Try expressing some breast milk onto your nipple and run it across their upper lip. The taste/smell may wake them up enough to get interested.

How do I know if my baby is getting milk?

The evidence is in the wet, dirty diapers! If they are wetting regularly and pooping you know you are doing a good job. Also weight, they will start to gain weight. If they are losing weight then you made need to further investigate what it going on.

How do I know if baby is latching properly?

. Signs of a good latch are:

  • Are their lips flanged? Good!
  • No dimples! Great.
  • No pain? Good.
  • Cheeks rounded? Check!
  • No clicking or smacking noises heard? Good!
  • Hearing swallows? See rhythmic movements of the jaw? Good! This is a good latch!

Not sure how to properly latch baby? Read up on The Secret to a Good Latch.

When will I know if my baby is satisfied?

Your baby should fall off on their own when they are satisfied or they may fall asleep.

Positions, where do I start!?

Now of course position is key when trying to latch. There are many different types of positions, I made a nice little picture reference below of  the four most common ones. Having pillows or a boppy is key when getting into position!

Some pointers:

  • I found my boppy  was very useful when using the cross cradle hold.
  • With the football hold I used good old regular pillows.
  • With positions rotate them. Each time you use a different position a different part of your nipple is being used. Think about it, if you use the same position all the time one side of the nipple is getting all the action which can lead to sore or raw nipples. Rotate! This way you get really good at all the positions and are comfortable with them as time goes on.


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