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Top 3 Baby Registries

There are many registries out there to choose from. It might seem overwhelming, but I have picked out the top three baby registries After a little research these three really stood out. We will weigh the pros and cons of each.


This is the one I used. My reason is because not only can I save items from Amazon, but I can save items from other online stores. Amazon also has everything  from diapers to furniture.

Amazon is growing and I don’t think it will be going away anytime soon. They are dependable and have great customer service.

I love that there are ratings and I can see what other people think before I buy. Seeing reviews before I purchase something has become my go to.

Since Amazon is such a big online shopping retailer, it can seem a bit overwhelming when trying to put a registry together. Don’t fear! It will be easy to navigate once you get use to it. You can also follow my guide on what you really need in your registry. (link)

The other great feature I mentioned before, is that you can add any item from any website. When the person wants to buy said item they are directed to the website and once bought it falls off the registry. Pretty neat if you ask me.

Amazon is also known for their low prices. I  got a baby gym for $25 dollars! At the box store it was $50. Sometimes of course it isn’t always lower price, but more often than not it is.

Many people are prime members so the two day shipping is a perk, too!

What is also great about Amazon is if you sign up you get a free welcome box. Also you get a completion discount! Score. What is this? Well You get 10% off, or 15% off for Prime members, on products that you purchase from your registry less than 60 days before your due date and up to 180 days after.

Have another register? Don’t fret, you can add external registries to Amazon.

Okay so let’s break down the above…


  • You can find anything on Amazon
  • Pick out items from the comfort of your own home
  • Free two day shipping (if a prime member, if not free shipping on orders over $25)
  • Shopping in the comfort of your own home
  • Many different brands
  • Low Prices
  • Can save items from other websites (even etsy!)
  • Free Welcome box
  • Completion discount
  • You can add external registries


  • Not everyone likes to shop online
  • The Welcome box does only contain samples
  • The registry can seem overwhelming


Everyone loves Target! It is easy to spend hours and hours there looking through the isles. Let’s get back on track.

Target’s online website is easy to use. You can pick items out from the comfort of your own home. There are also a ton of options to pick from as well.

What is great with any online platform there are the reviews, which is lovely when trying to out lets say a diaper bag. There are so many options, the reviews are handy to narrowing it down.

Shipping is also great! Once something is bought it usually takes 2-4 days to land in your mailbox.

What is a draw back is that I noted many items can be out of stock. Which is a pain in the butt! Some stores may have the item and some may not. On the  plus side you get a 15% completion discount. The downfall, this is usually mailed to you 8 weeks before your due date. Some reported they never got this, so they have contacted customer support. The good part Target’s customer support is responsive and helpful.

Some people have reported website issues, such as some items disappearing or the number of an item going up or down without you changing it. This can be frustrating to many, as you need this to be correct!


  • Pick out items in the comfort of your own home
  • Lots of options
  • Reviews at your finger tips
  • Fast Shipping
  • Completion discount


  • Items are out of stock often
  • Website issues
  • Completion discount is mailed to you (sometimes)
  • Not everyone likes to shop online
  • Can’t add other items from other websites


This is a new and upcoming list. Like Amazon you can pick any item from any popular stores, even Etsy.

BabyList almost resembles Pinterest and is easy to use. You can share your registry and even track gifts.

What is cool about BabyList is you can price compare. You will also get alerts sent to you if a prices changes. Another cool feature is that you can add other registries to BabyList so it is all in one place.

The downfall is that it can be very overwhelming. BabyList does give you a reference guide on “what you need”, but some of it may not be necessary. There is also no welcome box and they give the lowest completion discount at 10%.

In order to get free shipping you need to spend $45+.


  • You can add any item from any online store
  • Easy to use
  • Price Comparing
  • 10% completion discount
  • You can add external registries


  • Need to spend $45+ to get free shipping
  • Overwhelming
  • You need to go to other websites to add items

In conclusion….

After some research I have noted that many new moms recommend Amazon as it offers what everyone else does and then some. It is even number one on many review sites, such as

As someone who has used Amazon I would recommend it to many new moms out there. One it is easy to use, has many perks, free shipping for prime members, you can add from any site, add your external registries, and even add gifts cards from other sites. There are so many pros they outweigh the cons.  Amazon is always growing and it does not look like it will be going anywhere any time soon.

So there you have it! The top three registries out there. Hopefully you have an easier time choosing one. Congrats and good luck on your new bundle of joy!

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