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    How long does labor last?

      This is a common question I get when my patients walk onto the unit. My usually response, not getting into details, is “It really depends on your body. Everyone is different. No labor is the same. Labor generally lasts from 12-30+ hours.” The 30+ hours usually scares people, but hey, where would I be if I lied to you? I say 30+ because hey, sometimes it happens. I will sum up each labor stage and explain what goes on in each stage. This post contains affiliate links, this helps me run my blog. Please read the disclaimer.  The first stage is the onset of true labor until the cervix…

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    Dilation Visual!

    Ever wonder how big your cervix gets? Below you can find a visual guide! Of course this is all approximate, but it gives you a good idea.  This post contains affiliate links, this helps me run my blog. Questions? Comments? Feel free to comment below or email mamaelyfant@gmail.com

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    When Should I feel My Baby Move?

    A fleeting flutter dances about your belly. You stop, placing your hand gently on your lower abdomen. Did you just feel your baby for the first time? Feeling your baby move for the first time is amazing. There are not enough words in the world to describe the beautiful feeling of a baby moving – that is until there is NO room left and their feet are jamming into your ribs. You’ll still enjoy it, but damn does it hurt. Please read the disclaimer.  When Will I Feel My Baby Move? Every mom is different and the location of the placenta plays a role, as well as your build. Smaller…

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    What You Really Need in Your Hospital Bag

    I know that you may have seen many of these posts, but what makes this different is that I am a Labor and Delivery nurse and mother! I have seen many people come in with tons of bags (they never touched half of them) to people who brought in very little (and ended up heading home for essentials). What you need in your bag really depends on how long you will be there. Now, if you are going in for an induction you may be there for a while. If it is a first time induction than you know you will be there for a while. I am not saying…

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    Epidural 101, What is an Epidural?

    Read the disclaimer. Epidural 101, what is the process of an Epidural? Read here. Epidural anesthesia is the most popular method of pain relief in labor. What is Epidural Anesthesia? Epidural anesthesia is regional anesthesia that blocks nerves in a specific area of the body. The goal of an epidural is to provide pain relief, not anesthesia. Epidurals help relieve about 80-85% of your pain. What do I mean by this? We want you to have pain relief (analgesia instead of anesthesia), not be a limp noodle. Anesthesia leads to a total lack of feeling. Analgesia is the inability to feel pain. Wait you said only 80-85% of my pain will…

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    Epidural 101, What is the Process of Getting One?

    Planning on getting an epidural? What does the process entail? Well, get the inside scoop from a Labor and Delivery nurse. Read the disclaimer. What is an Epidural? Read here. Okay so let me start off with this. Epidurals don’t take away ALL the pain, only about 80-85% of the pain. Now you must be thinking, “Then why spend all that money if I am still going to be in pain?”  Ok so here is the thing. The pain is different. It isn’t the same pain as contractions  (if that makes sense). You should feel pressure and some mild cramping. We don’t want you to be a limp noodle. Why? We…